Effortless Forever living Products Advice - An Introduction

27 Jun 14 - 09:18

Are you thinking about the “Forever Living Products” home business opportunity?


Before you make contact with a distributor for more information and register your name and complete the application, perhaps it will be a good idea to have a close, objective look at the company, the items, the pay plan and… MOST IMPORTANT… mention how YOU want to market, promote and grow the organization.


Because the facts is…


The MAJORITY of Forever Living distributors don't make anything.


Which just isn't to say YOU will not make money with the company. Because the potential and chance for profit is obviously there. So if you “get in and have serious” - you can very well become the next success story as well as set yourself on a path to true time and financial freedom.


Rolf Kipp from Germany…


This Double Diamond Manager started his business in 1995. His vision to get Forever’s products into all households began along with his 78 year old mother. “I like to meet new people daily and say to them about the exciting FOREVER business. In the first five-years I really worked for 24 hours.” And this is the way he built his enormous down line. Now he could be worldwide no. 1 recently buying a Chairman’s Bonus check of nearly $1.2 million.


But Rolf Kipp success is the exception - NOT the rule.


The rule may be the MAJORITY of start up business start ups fail of their first several years and when looking at finding success within the network marketing industry… the numbers are more serious. A lot worse.


So what makes the difference?

How can YOU position the odds of success on your behalf, and exactly how can you become among the top 3% who can certainly make a significant income versus being one of several 97% who barely scrape by or… heaven forbid… wind up in even worse financial shape than you began?


Let’s speak about ALL OF THAT but first…


Forever Living Products Review - The Company


Founded in 1978 on little more than dreams and hard work, Forever Living is now a multi-billion dollar company, operating out of Scottsdale, Arizona, that manufactures and sells many wellness and wonder products. People like you distribute these life-enhancing products, supplying you with the opportunity to own your own personal business and secure your financial future which has a proven plan.


Retail sales inside billions of U.S. dollars

Approximately 9.3 million registered distributors joined Forever

Chairman’s Bonus launched with more than 700 qualifiers - 2012

Forever Living Products International will be the world’s largest distributor of Aloe Vera and beehive-based products. The company sells Aloe Vera gel, natural Aloe Vera drinks, vitamins, and glamour and skin products in 100 countries. Chief Executive Officer Rex Maughan founded the company in 1978.


They hold themselves to the highest standards and actively seek out external certifications to prove that for you. International Aloe Science Council, PETA Cruelty Free, Islamic Seal of Approval, Kosher, Kosher Dairy, Halal.


Forever Living Products - Marketing Plan


Seeking financial security?


At Forever Living Products they've got all the marketing material you would need to grow your company.


Share their exclusive, innovative wellness products and financial opportunity online websites, then earn re-occurring income that gives you financial security for life.


What are my options? You have two options:


1. Buy as a Retail Customer


You will love a lower shipping cost.


There isn't minimum order amount.


You can order simply in accordance with your needs.


Your satisfaction is guaranteed for most of the countries served, including Canada and also the United States.


You can return products for any reason within four weeks from the date of purchase.




2. Sell and Buy your products at discount


Become a distributor of Forever Living Products and will also be able to order the merchandise at lower wholesale prices.


You can begin your business with huge potential with no major financial risk.


Your success like a Forever Living Distributor is protected. Once you achieve any position within the marketing plan, you’ll stay there.


You’ll also relish the success of your team. Their success will be your success, too!

While not only a requirement, if you have decided to start your FLP business, I do advise that you buy a mixture pack like a way to try out these products first. Knowing these products you will be selling could make your sales far better.


Own a Home-Based Business with Little Risk and Unlimited Potential for Wealth

Forever Living Products - Benefits and Risks


Low or No Financial Risk - You can’t lose much from trying, except your time so don’t waste it!. If you are serious and take daily action you WILL achieve your dreams and goals with ANY business.


Free register - Becoming a Distributor is very free. You just need a sponsor.

No start-up fees - There is not any entrance fee or required order linked to start-up.

No mandatory purchases - You are not required to buy any products or maintain any stock without notice.

Secured commission tier - Once you have arrived at a higher commission tier, you'll remain at that level of cla regardless of your subsequent sales volumes. So, you can take a vacation about the following month without worrying the actual way it will affect your commission after your holiday!

Total Flexibility - Network Marketing or Online Marketing or Both

You will receive your very own website whereby customers may buy direct making use of their credit cards and you also don’t have to lift a finger to own it.

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